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How to: College Resource Guide

I take a solemn look around the room: a mess of once-bitten chocolate bars; piles of clothes — clean and soiled — littering the room; pajamas pealing the edge of my bed with a set of keys lassoed at the hem — these are the last clustered moments of my undergraduate career.

In the blink of an eye, all six years of my journey through higher education have culminated in one single swoop and I am thrust into the storm (or perhaps the eye) of what is to be a remarkable study of my purpose and potential these forthcoming years.

(**Side note** We’ve all been on some sort of purposed path since birth, and the decisions we have made along the way continue the progression of this path. I believe there are multiple paths in life, all capable of manifesting themselves — it’s merely a matter of deciding to manifest them. As there are infinite possibilities, there are infinite guides toward our intended purpose, so long as the purpose remains intended.)

So college.

Higher education is an important milestone in many professional career paths — one that will set the course of your professional life or open your eyes to your passion. Whichever it is, in the pursuit of your next step, here are 5 questions to evaluate when considering university education.

1. How much should I stress the financial feasibility of attending a university? Is taking out student loans a good idea? Are there any other financial aid options?

This is the most important part of college.