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  • Yaa Asantewaa Faraji

Life in the time of COVID-19

It was the doomsday no one was prepared to withstand in this lifetime.

We'd seen War of the Worlds; The Day After Tomorrow; I am Legend - no one thought these monstrosities would actually come to life.

The Mayans got it right when they predicted that the world would end in the Julian year 2012 - calendar year 2020. For most of us, that end of the world has spiked a series of panic, insanity, isolation, reprioritization, boredom and several rolls of toilet paper across the globe .

Beginning February 2020, COVID-19 shocked the world when it was discovered in Wuhan China. In just 14 days, the novel coronavirus had traveled across the world, forcing unprecedented quarantines and lockdown in some of the world's most powerful countries.

8 months later and we're still in the thick of things. There still isn't a vaccine. Restaurants, theme parks, movie theaters, comedy clubs, bars, museums, arcades and the trust of billions around the world are still closed.