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  • Yaa Asantewaa Faraji

Holiday Travels: Hydrobike through Alamitos Bay

Looking for new things to do through the holidays is always a stressful occasion.

We worry about how we will top the last thing we did, how we'll get more likes on our Instagram feed - sometimes we worry so much that we forget to enjoy ourselves. With this Airbnb experience, you won't have to worry about a thing - not even tipping over.

Take a stroll through Alamitos Bay and the Naples Island canal, where waterfront homes are lit up in New Years magic. You'll get nearly 2 hours of independent drive time on your own hydrobike - the tour provides hot chocolate (there are two cup holders per hydrobike) and a bluetooth speaker for each party attending. Feel free to chill on the waterfront to your favorite tunes, gloss around the Christmas tree buoys or pedal endlessly to your hearts content. Don't worry about tipping over, these nifty hydrobikes are so stable, you'd have to want to get wet to tip over.

After biking through Alamitos Bay, you'll travel through the Naple's Island canal. Here, you'll see tour boats and romantic gondolas so make sure to share the road! It's a pretty unique experience, so don't mind the patrons walking along the canal when they stop to take a flick of you and your nifty bike.

For two hours you get to enjoy the Long Beach coast, the night sky, its family of stars, the California palm, your hot cocoa and bliss - all while getting in a quick workout.

Make sure to book your trip soon. The hydrobike ride through the Naples Island Lights ends January 6, with the regular hydrobike season beginning January 10.

Tickets are only $45 to book. Click here for more information.

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