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  • Yaa Asantewaa Faraji

Recap: My Night at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval

On a shining Wednesday evening, instead of being beat by the day's hump, I chose to make the most of the budding holiday season by venturing off to the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval off of Santa Monica boulevard in West Hollywood, California - known fondly to true Angelenos as WeHo.

We booked a rather lavish Airbnb at the Dixie Hollywood hotel, not even 10 miles outside of the Hollywood scene. The superb location of the Dixie Hollywood put us in close proximity to all the the top bars and clubs in the area. So, as my friends separated to enjoy and support Mac Miller’s Celebration of Life tribute concert, I took on the town for some pre Halloween delights. With so many bars nearby, it was easy to get lost in the pre-game maze.

Our suite at the Dixie Hollywood Hotel came stocked with 2 beds, one full bathroom, a state of the art kitchen (for all our pre-game needs) and enough space to house our 5-person crew.

What started at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval turned into a bar-crawl along the many destinations lacing Santa Monica boulevard – La Boheme, The Den on Sunset, The Troubador and others – as we made our way to each Halloween event.

After parading with the patrons of perish, perusing the dramatic ensembles and dancing within the bushels of people on the streets and sidewalk, we turned to the club-scene when the clock struck midnight. Your typical night out was replaced with wigs and paint as Cinderella danced with Dracula and the minions watched.

As night turned to morning, we settled in to our hotel, where we ordered from one of the many 24-hour Thai restaurants in the area, drank much needed pitchers of water and sailed silently to sleep.

Sure, when when we awoke the next morning, we had to get ready and dressed for work, despite the lingering effects of the night’s prior events. But when we grumbled at the clock, we grumbled together - we were ready to tackle the day’s activities. When we woke up the next morning to head to our respective vocations, we were refreshed, we were showered and we were satisfied with our friend’s Halloween night-out.


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