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Behind the Scenes at Marvel's 'Black Panther' Movie World Premier

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Angela Bassett

Forest Whitaker

Lupita Nyong'o

Chadwick Boseman

Michael B. Jordan

Snoop Dogg

Elizabeth Banks


Meagan Good

Sterling K Brown

Garcelle Beauvais

the list goes on and on…

2018's highly anticipated Marvel film ‘Black Panther’ premiered this past Monday night, January 29, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood CA. Sporting a violet carpet in place of the traditional red, the ‘Black Panther’ Premier hosted Hollywood’s Black elite that night, and I just so happened to be in front and center of the action.

The premier began roughly around 7:30pm, the gram-thirsty paparazzi blitzing the carpet with flash after flash once Angela Bassett arrived.

For the next two hours, Hollywood would be graced by virtually every cast-member of the ‘Black Panther’ movie. Supporters of the film, including Patton Oswalt and Marvel Chairman Emeritus, Stan Lee, proudly strode along the violet carpet, as fans shouted in the stands preceding the swarm of paparazzi.

(Chadwick Boseman enters the 'Black Panther' Movie Premier Monday night with drummers.)

Our phones were confiscated before entering the lobby of the Dolby theatre, placed in tiny green pouches secured with retail sensors (it made sense, the lobby held both celebrity and executive officials — Angela Bassett didn’t want to find herself on the cover of People the next morning with an amateur photo of her tripping on the stairs, taken by some writer with a bit of access…)

As the electricity of the night briefly subsided, we found our way inside the Dolby Theatre, a mass of regal red rope, Victorian architecture and elegant seating awaiting our entry.

The moment quickly transformed from an E! Hollywood scene to a networking event as soon as we walked through the Dolby doors – it became a free for all. Executives could be heard speaking to one another about ‘the next big idea’ in film; celebrities could be overheard delivering their salutations to all those whom they had worked with in the past, and hoped to work with in the future. I, myself, even got the opportunity to network with a few key stakeholders that night – one of which being Issa Rae, Insecure creator, writer and star. [SIDE NOTE* That's me and Lupita Nyong'o]

For the next half hour, the networking commenced as celebrities spoke to one another, to the executives and to the writers like me. Few people of importance indulged in the complimentary popcorn and refreshments – this was a night of work for most in the room.

The top billed cast, along with ‘Black Panther’ movie Writer and Director, Ryan Coogler, stepped onstage to introduce the film, as the crowd cheered for their favorites (that being everyone involved) in jolly participation.

For 2 hours we yelled. For 2 hours we clapped. For 2 hours we cried, and laughed and watched as America moved itself forward into an age of progressive diversity. For 2 hours we were transported to a better America, one filled with acceptance and Kingship for all. ‘Black Panther’ showed itself to be a premier in more than one way: it was the first time the world had seen the blockbuster, and it was the first time the world had seen people of African descent in all their modern-day glory.

In true Black History Month fashion, ‘Black Panther’ proved that we, as a people, are and will forever be…


Catch Black Panther in theaters for a special rerun at participating AMC theaters February 1-7, 2019.
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