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  • Yaa Asantewaa Faraji

How to Travel the World

The only difference between me in Paris and Beyonce in Paris is where she stays.

She might stay in a 5-star hotel and have a chef that serves her a 3-star meal, and I might be living in a budget hostel somewhere in Montmartre in front of the Sacre Coeur. But when we both look out, we are looking at the same Tour Eiffel. And to get to the top of it costs €14 for her as it does for me. Maybe she didn’t have to dine-and-dash one night because she had enough money to pay for her meal, and maybe she wasn’t taking the train to get from the Tour Eiffel to the Louvre, but when we saw the Mona Lisa, we saw it the same.

It was the same size to both of us: ironically small despite its grandiose appearance across the globe, and we probably both laughed at the irony of the portraits misnomer. Possibility is funny that way – it suggests that it can be done because there are many ways of doing it.

Anything is possible because anything is not restricted. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how much access you are allowed – you are allowed it. Even if you only have €25 to your name in Amsterdam, you can still bike through Vondelpark and enjoy a coffee shop on the way.