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  • Yaa Asantewaa Faraji

Thursday, Dec. 14 | 12:44 am | Antibes, France

I can’t help but think I might be only worth my body. My body attracted a lot of people. They called me beautiful. Sexy. Cute. Gorgeous. So, so beautiful. But nobody knew who I actually was. No one ever fawned over my 'stunning personality' or 'sexy character.' No one ever drooled over my intelligence..,

The point is, no one ever took the time to know me past my body. No one ever took the time to peel the layers back — the layers, themselves, were a beautiful thing. The makeup and the hair and the fashioned smile with just the right percentage of crooked to call it imperfectly perfect. But these layers were just... layers. Parts of me made only for protection. It was the gem inside that made me beautiful. But it was the gem inside that no one cared to see. My body already had a nice package – why take the extra effort to witness something magnificent; beautiful was enough.

But I had so much more to give. You could have my body, and my mind. My mind was more than just my body’s bonus. It was the Sun.

If only you’d see it Shine.

But that took patience. That took practice. That took the right moment. And I guess we didn’t have time for that. We only had time for now. And I guess my shine wasn’t scheduled to bloom yet. I still had a few seasons of growing to do.

Would you wait? Watch me shine? Get to hold my light?

I guess we’ll never know.


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